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ISO9001 : 2008 | National High-Tech Enterprise

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NC Servo Single Face Cardboard Slitter Cutoff Stacker

NC Servo Single Face Cardboard Slitter Cutoff Stacker


It is the best matching machine for single face cardboard slitter cutoff stacker, which could complete slitting, cutoff and receiving at one time and realize high speed, high efficiency and energy saving so as to improve working efficiency while guaranteeing the product quality.

Electric & Pneumatic part

Schneider Servo Motor

Shanghai Futian VF Motor

Pneumatic components from SMC, Air Tac

Actuation Part

Gearboxes are made of HT300 high-quality gray cast iron, and characterized by aging

treatment and precise processing;

Cutter shafts that are made with seamless steel tube and aging treatment and board

guiding roller that is subject to dynamic balance checking;

ZG230-450 cast blade moving plate

Steel comb made of special material

High quality tungsten alloy thin blade

Cutting knife made of high-speed tool steel

Hantang material conveying belt

Transmission Part

HIWIN, BEST screw shaft, linear guide rail

NSK, IKO, HRB precision bearing

With imported elastic coupling, equipment can be operated efficiently at high speed for

a longer service life;

Transmission gears that are made of top quality alloy structural steel (20CrMnTi) that

is carburized and quenched and driven by imported synchronous belts;


The order arranging time of slitter is 1-3S

The color screen displays production materials distribution of site and could be able to realize

automatic order change and also give alarm signals prior to order change;

Lubricating method: force-feed and oil bath;

Slitting tolerance: ≤ ±1mm at constant speed; ≤ ±1.5mm at uniform variable speed;

Stacking part

The conveying part consists of four separate board conveying segments, and could stack and convey

the boards by VF control to the transverse discharge part.

Batches and stacks are automatically changed through pneumatic control, and automatic counting

function is achieved;

With lifting type receiving platform, stacking could be controlled through a computer to ensure neat

and stable stacking.

Boards are automatically and transversely discharged while the preset number of stacks is exceeded;

The baffle is provided with new type of device to improve neatness of boards.

Control Part

Cutting Control: Emerson AC servo controller

Conveying Control: Schneider frequency converter

Stacking Control: Schneider frequency converter

Operation Monitoring: industrial computer

Monitoring Control: Schneider PLC, Sick sensor

Low-voltage Apparatus: Schneider