ISO9001 : 2008 | National High-Tech Enterprise

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ISO9001 : 2008 | National High-Tech Enterprise

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High Speed Drum Type Spiral Blade Cutoff Machine (Line Speed ≤ 300m/min Single drive, Double drive)

High Speed Drum Type Spiral Blade Cutoff Machine (Line Speed ≤ 300m/min Single drive, Double drive)


With high or mid-speed corrugated board production line, it could realize full computer control, auto order changing, and high speed slitting of different lengths of boards. By combining with advanced control mode and high quality machine designing, the needs of customers are fully met and the JUSTU innovation is fully embodied.

Electric & Pneumatic part

PHASE AC Servo Motor

Pneumatic components from SMC, Air Tac

Actuation Part

Gearboxes are made of HT300 high-quality gray cast iron,

and characterized by timely treatment and precise processing.

Due to rotary blade drum structure and the rigid support of

core shaft, the inertia of blade drum is effectively reduced while

the rigidity is improved, and the whole rigidity is higher.

High-speed tool steel cutter

Transmission Part

Due to imported elastic coupling, the equipment can efficiently

work at high speed for a longer service life.

Gears are made with top alloy structural steel (20CrMnTi)

which is carburized and quenched so that the operation

stabilization of equipment is improved.

The exiting and feeding boards are stably conveyed by a

synchronous belt, reducing noise and ensuring board-exiting

and feeding structures run synchronously.

NSK, IKO, HRB precision bearings

Control Part

Cutoff Control: Emerson AC servo controller, LENZE AC

servo controller

Energy Storing Device: 30% of energy can be saved through

the high-efficiency energy-saving module

Conveyance Control: Schneider VF closed-loop control

Operation Monitoring: industrial computer

Monitoring Control: Schneider or Siemens PLC, Sick series


Low-voltage Apparatus: Schneider


Use high quality industrial computer or human-computer interface to form master computer control system;

The equipment is driven by AC servo motor, and the driver is controlled by the imported servo drive controller;

The equipment can be connected with production management system to realize non-stop order changing or

manual order changing;

Use new rotary blade drum structure to reduce inertia and realize stable operation. The spiral blade is made of

special material to ensure cutter could serve long service life.

Mechanical structure is rationally designed, and the board feeding part is connected with the master machine

through the guide rails, so that blades are easy to adjust; Use precision bevel gear transmission where the gears are

made by forging, fine processing and hot treatment etc. The gears feature small side clearance, low noise and stable


High precision: ≤ ±1mm at constant speed, ≤ ±1.5mm while accelerating and decelerating;

With automatic waste discharge device to avoid local bad bonding or discharge waste by order-changing port;