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ISO9001 : 2008 | National High-Tech Enterprise

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NC Servo Thin Blade Slitter Scorer (Zero Scorer, Pre-Scorer)

NC Servo Thin Blade Slitter Scorer (Zero Scorer, Pre-Scorer)


As an important piece of equipment in corrugated board line dry end, the equipment can accurately score and precisely slit boards and with use of computerized control and auto order changing functions , wastes caused by shutdown are reduced and the production efficiency is improved.

Electric & Pneumatic part

French Schneider

Li Jiu VF Motor

Pneumatic components from SMC, Air Tac etc.

Actuation Part

Supporting parts are manufactured with high quality steels

ZG230-450 cast blade and scorer moving plate

Precisely-drawn high-quality steel transmission shaft

High quality tungsten alloy blade

Transmission Part

Imported synchronous belt

HIWIN, BEST ball screw shaft, linear guide rail

NSK, IKO, HRB precision bearings

Control Part

Order Arrangement Drive: Servo control

Blade/Scorer Drive: Toshiba or Schneider frequency


Operational Monitoring: Schneider touch screen or

industrial computer, and OMRON vision sensor

Monitor Control: Schneider PLC, Sick series sensor

Low-voltage Apparatus: Schneider


The control system of master and slave computer is formed by imported high quality industrial computer and high performance


Due to high quality linear guides and high-precision ball screw transmission assembly, the slitter and scorer could have the

positioning accuracy within +/-0.5mm.

Multiple groups of orders can be stored to ensure the order could be changed automatically without stop or by hand.

Automatically track the speed of production line to be synchronous with it and could be able to connect with production

management system due to strong compatibility;

Order can be quickly changed with changing time being 3-6 seconds (servo type: 3 seconds); while two machines are used at

the same time, order could be changed quickly with less waste boards.

Adopt thin-type tungsten steel alloy blade which is very sharp and could serve more than 8 million meters;

Adopt patented passive grinder which is simple in structure and easy in maintenance;

Grinding can be finished automatically by computer or by hand, so that they can be grinded while slitting at the same time, and

the production efficiency is improved;

Select three types of scorers: convex to concave (three layer board), convex to concave (five layer board) and convex to flat,

which can be switched electrically;

Depths of scorings are automatically controlled by computer to have good line shapes and ease of formation.

Due to the imported synchronous belt conveying device, the precision is higher, the service life is longer and the noise is lower.