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ISO9001 : 2008 | National High-Tech Enterprise

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New Type Rotary Shear and Trimming Integrated Machine

New Type Rotary Shear and Trimming Integrated Machine


This machine is required to realize high efficiency and high yield for the corrugated cardboards. Its main functions are: 1. Cut off waste boards and papers prior to order change, which can provide guarantee for non-stop order changing; 2. It can realize the non-cutoff order change for double layer production line 3. It will cut the wastes and stop when there is machine malfunction.

Electric and pneumatic parts

Electric and pneumatic parts:

Cutoff control: British CT AC servo controller or LENZE servo


Operation monitoring: Schneider touch screen Monitoring

control: Schneider PLC or LENZE PLC、 PEPPERL FUCHS

proximity switch, optoelectronic switch, SICK encoder.

Low voltage apparatus: Schneider


Extremely fast

The equipment adopts cutting anvil roller,which uses separate driving structure for the lower and upper

motors to enable the load of the motors to be reduced by half compared with non-separate driving structure.

The blade roller could be synchronized with production line instantaneously. It is necessary when the order is

changed without slowing down or malfunction cutoff. The speed of cutting waste could be 220m/m. (The speed of

production line is 250m at extremity);

Long service life

The upper and lower knife roller are driven by servo motor separately. Due to different diameter of the anvil

roller and knife roller, each cutting position will be evenly distributed on anvil roller.

Comparing with the structure of one motor driving (cutting the same position), the anvil roller could serve much

longer service life which will be more than 6 million times.

Arrangable multi-blade system

The entire blade roller is made by many groups of blades in sequence and each could be controlled for ascent

or descent independently. It can connect with the production management system to control the positions where

to cut or not during the boards cutting. So it can carry out the function of order changing without cutting off the

boards and do the edge cutting for double layer production line.

Fast and smooth waste discharge

The upper and lower belts are powered to discharging the boards without blocking.